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I thought I might start a thread for those that applied for Stony Brook's 2024 Summer FNP program. I guess it's too early to hear back about interviews? I hope they don't schedule them while I'm away for the next two weeks on the other side of the world.

BHappyRN said:

No problem!! See you at orientation! Was thinking of starting a facebook group for our class but figured I'd wait until orientation next week. Feel free to email me, in the meantime- to connect!

I don't have facebook but I'll email ya !

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Does anyone know the mobile app to download? For some reason, I can't get the correct solar app?


Hey guys,

Is anyone else confused on how to get to the orientation tomorrow? I know they provided instructions on the email but they seem to confuse me even more LOL. Does anyone have a specific address to type into the GPS?

Did anybody enroll for Summer classes?

Somy said:

Did anybody enroll for Summer classes? 

Yes I enrolled for Summer and fall. The instructors are listed on the classes when you register for them on Solar.

Hey guys,

Has anyone received info on getting iPads?

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