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I was wondering if any one knows how to obtain STNA training in Ohio, specifically the Cincinnati area. How long does it take? How much does it cost? Where can you take it? Also, is it required to take STNA training to become a patient care assistant?


unknown99, BSN, RN

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Great Oaks Career Development Center usually has an adult STNA program that is fairly decent. As for the cost I do not have any idea.

Hey and Hello, I am an Stna I got my training thru Cincinnati State community college as a pre reg for RN, it took 2 weeks I think you have to have 70 hours training before you take the state test. What you do is get your training first then apply for a job and tell them you are ready to take the state test and they probably will pay for it, the place that I am employed did and I passed it the first time I thought it was a piece of cake. But I do work with aides that have been trained and tested by the facility where they work. Also Cincinnati State does PCA training as well, but it is my understanding that you get trained in a class when you get hired at hospital because each hospital's PCA's are responsible for different things.:cool:

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