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I am still trying to get into the NICU. I am hoping that I will get a position by this summer and starting to try again but I will have to start competing with the new grads I guess I am still considered a newbie myself since I have been out of school since May 03 and got my license back in October 2003. I have been working on a med-Surg floor ever since I graduated nursing school. I am learning a LOT with priority, time management and organization among several other things but my true dream is to work in the NICU.

I have made telephone contact with the NICU nurse at the current hospital I work at and made a dumb mistake of leaving a message. However, within the next couple of weeks I do plan on making face contact with her.

I am thinking of joining the National association of Neonatal Nurses. I have a question did anyone join the association before applying or interviewing? Do you think it gave you a slight edge over the competition. I was thinking about doing the neonatal rescuitation as well but I would have to pay full cost in order to do that and that is pretty costly. However, if I get a job in the NICU I think it would be worth every PENNY.

The strangest thing has happened to me this week. I have had two dreams on two different nights as where I got a job in the NICU and was starting orientation. Now as much as I have wanted to work in the NICU I have NEVER had any dream while sleeping even close to that before. However, two times in one week hmmmmmm is that a side of good things to come? or am I just a little obessess here about wanting to work in the NICU? :chuckle

Well, I will see.

Persevere! :kiss

If can swing it get the NRP and join ANN or such. It'll give you a little more of an edge and make you look dedicated.

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