Still Overwhelmed...but VERY excited!!


Yesterday was orientation and now I am extremely excited!! There was this moment when the facilitator said, "Welcome to Nursing, you are now officially student nurses" really hit me - I'm FINALLY doing this! Something I have wanted my whole life, I'm finally doing it!! It was a very emotional moment for me (sitting in a room with a bunch of other people). I probably sound silly saying it like that, but its the honest truth.

There was a TON of information covered yesterday and I'm still sifting through it, but I am so excited that I barely slept last night with everything swirling around in my head. Here's to a great semester for everyone!!


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I wish you the best of luck! I, too, was overwhelmed in the beginning, there is so much information. Just hang in there!

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I remember my first day of theory in nursing school... The Director of the Program came in and gave us a BIG welcome. She also gave us a band-aids in a cute little case. She says to us: " Congratulations ! , you all are officially certified to apply band-aids" I thought it was so cute and funny. Ofcourse, now that the first semester is over, I know how to do alot more than apply BAND-AIDS


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That's not silly--I actually got a little chill when I realized the same thing in orientation yesterday! We're finally doing it! :D

I'm also a bit overwhelmed but I'm hoping it will get better with the first week of class.

Good luck and congrats!

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Definitely not silly at all! I felt that way when I turned in my first NS application...I'm sure it will be even more pronounced when my buns are in that seat on orientation day!

Good luck to you...enjoy!


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:nurse:what an exciting time! it's definatly an emotional rollercoaster in nursing school. Good Luck to You!!!

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