Still NO job


Everyday I am getting more worried than before with waiting on jobs that I have applied for and not getting answers. I was told to go to school to be a nurse and when I do become a nurse I still can't get hired anywhere. What to do? I have bills!

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keep applying. Have you tried any nursing homes?


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Yes I have.

I would consider revamping your resume and having someone critique your interview style. Both of these things could be what's holding you back.

Good luck.

The one thing that jumped out at me was the part about waiting on a response. Bit of advice for you; check with your former classmates and try applying where they work. Apply at former clinical sites. If you're doing CNA work, ask your co-workers about available positions.

What ended up working for me was a referral from one of the LVN's I worked with to a facility she used to work at. Got a call back from them about 3 weeks later; barely even interviewed before getting a job offer. IIRC I actually applied for 3 or 4 positions (including the place I was working at the time - that wouldn't hire me as an LVN) but that referral was the one that got me noticed.

----- Dave


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Hi Dave, I had gotten hired prn at a nursing home so maybe I get some hours.

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Getting the first job is hardest. After you have some experience its a lot easier.


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Well I surely do hope so

Hi I feel your pain. Started looking about a month ago. Had one rural hospital interview, but no luck. I have no experience, just a BSN. I continually tweaked my resume and got two letters of recommendation, which I uploaded with applications. I think those helped, because I had two interviews last week. One was at Fresenius dialysis, and they are sending me an offer. It may not be the greatest place to start, but it is experience. On the way back from the interview I stopped in at a SNF and left a resume and the recommendations. Got a call from them too. So compare your resume to others and keep tweaking it, upload every certificate you have, get your free NIHSS (stroke scale assessment) certification, go to places in person, and search Fresenius and Davita for nurse jobs where they offer to train you. Fresenius has job fairs too; don't know about Davita. Any experience is better than none! Good luck!