Still considered a new grad :(

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I would like some insight on this. Why is it that a lpn can work in Homecare for 2 years or more and still be considered a new grad ? This does not make sense to me. In Homecare its you (the nurse) and the patient, which is heavy duty work if you ask me. In a hospital, LTC or clinic there are other nurses, doctors, etc. in Homecare the nurse is the nurse, cna, hha, housekeeper and whatever other title that may fit. So is that not proof that an lpn can work in a hospital or LTC ?

Well I don't know who is still considering you to be a new grad.. You have 2 years of experience. In most circles I would think that you wouldn't be considered a new grad. Each facility is different.

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They don't consider you a new grad as most people understand it, because you probably wouldn't be eligible for an extended new grad orientation program. They consider you to not have recent experience in the job they are seeking to fill. Having worked in both environments, I would agree it takes a lot of responsibility to care for homecare patients, because it's just you and they can go bad on you in an instant -- but the skills you need to handle multiple patients in a hospital or LTC environment are so different that for their purposes you are "new". I do hope you are able to eventually get the type of job you really want, though! Best wishes!

Thx for the insight

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