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Stiff competition for new grads

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Hello Nurse Beth,

I am a 40-year nurse myself, my question is about my son, who just graduated in December with his BSN Magna Cum Laude He passed NCLEX and has applied for a few positions at the hospital where he did his clinicals and student volunteering.

He is also a CNA for the last 3 years and working doubles at his SNF until he gets an RN position. He is considering taking a nursing position there until he finds a position elsewhere, I say this is not in his best interest as hospitals may feel that he is depreciating himself by working in a SNF right off the bat. And that he may get "stuck" and feel complacent to move on. I am trying to discourage him from doing this, time is of the essence. What are your thoughts we live in a metropolitan area, where the competition is stiff and many good hospitals will be picking the cream of the crop and I feel he is one of those fortunate ones?

Dear His Best Interest,

I agree with you that time is of the essence. He should go all-out and try to land a new grad or residency position in your area, if possible. This is February, he graduated in December, and the clock is ticking. He needs to land a position by December. After December  he will no longer be considered a new grad.

Realistically, if he were to apply/interview/be accepted into a residency soon it could well be July or even later before he starts orientation- depending on when the next cohort starts.

You say he is working double shifts as a CNA. That's exhausting and is energy that is not being spent towards landing a job. Landing his first RN position should be his full-time job right now. I wrote a book specifically out of concern for new grads like him (see below) that you may want to give him. 

He was a top student but he still needs to find a way to stand out among all the other new grads in your area. Without strategy, even cream of the crop nurses can get passed over in competitive markets.

Best wishes 🙂

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