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Can anyone recommend a good stethoscope, especially one with excellent acoustics, as I have trouble hearing sometimes? I have been looking at the soft touch Littman and the Master Classic II.



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If you do a search of "stethoscopes" in the search engine on here--top right, you will find pages and pages and pages of results. Best of luck

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I just bought the GRX cd27 which is "based on" the cardiology III. I bought it off of ebay for like 30 with shipping. I can hear really well with it and even brought it to my kids pediatrician for her to test it out and she really liked it alot. She said it was better than the ones her nurses use.

I had heard really good things about it and so I figured alls I had to lose was 30 and then I could still buy the Cardiology III if I wanted to. I have enough to worry about with nursing school to have to know where my steth is at all times so that sticky fingers dont walk with it....

I also just bought this stethoscope. You can buy it here:

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