Stethoscope cover - the fabric ones....


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I'm sure someone will come through with a better answer, but I've always thought fabric covers were a no-no because they are a fantastic breeding ground for bacteria?

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In theory, I like stethoscope covers because they keep your neck from sweating, which over time ruins the tubing. In practice, however, they are flypaper for any pathogen you can think of, and then some---you'd have to wash them every day just like your scrubs, and it's a pain in the rear to take the dumb thing off, wash/dry it, then put it back on your steth each and every shift you work. Not really worth the time and effort, IMO......I had a couple of them that I alternated, but I tired quickly of changing them.

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Thanks!! I think they are germy and not great ideas - I don't even wear my scrubs in my house and I don't have a ton of pt-to-scrub contact, just like I wouldn't with the cover. I just have a few people pushing these on me (I make a different way to ID your own scope, and it's not a cover) Just wanted to see if I was the only one who didn't like them!!