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Hello all,

I feel silly asking this question but I've been doing some practice questions for the CRNE using the CNA "Learn" books. And I've been doing worse than I have expected- most of the questions just seem so odd for lack of a better word. Aside from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, what other processes would you suggest using for answering the multiple choice questions?

I know obviously the answer would be "Everything we've learned up to this point" but a lot of the questions have 2 answers that are pretty much both right and I always have trouble picking out the right ONE.

Thank you so much

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I always found that out of 4 possible answers, there's also 1 or 2 you can eliminate outright leaving 2 good answers.

While deciding on which of the 2, one will be marginally better than the other. Always pay attention to wording and remember that you are looking for the best answer in the "perfect world" of nursing, not necessarily what you would do under a certain circumstance. The question often has some clues, learn to decipher these. Any time you're stumped move on the next one, don't linger on those you don't know, return to them later, you'll be surprised how much clarity you may have at that point. And above all... and I can't emphasize this enough.. NEVER change your original answer.

Good luck.

Thank you so much! And that was a really good point- about what you said regarding what you would do in the "perfect world of nursing" because it just hit me that whenever I do my practice questions, I always think about what I'd do and (stupidly enough) never thought of what would be the "perfect" thing to do.

That really helped a lot. Thank you very much for your reply!

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