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Looking for any info on step down units. . . .I know there are probably several types. . .med/surg, cardic.

What is the average nurse to patient ratio?

Is is better than floor med/surg nursing?

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We have a neuro step down unit that is 4:1 nursing. It can be very tough work because the patients are usually total care. I know of another medical stepdown unit in another hospital that has 4:1 as well. But again it's tough, drips, stable vents.

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I work medical step down unit. 1 nurse to 4 patients ALWAYS!! They are total care patients, vents, multiple gtts, any diagnosis that you can think of including MI, s/p sugerical procedure, etc.

MIU is tough and most people w/i the hospital always say they WOULD NEVER work there, but always admit that you learn a lot!

Believe me, you learn a lot.

We have new grads come to our floor, a few don't make it, but most do. You have to really want to learn and pay attention and ask questions; a lot of questions.

If you want step down; try it, I went to MIU as a new grad and have been there for 5yrs!! (Typical is 1-2yrs b/c the nurses get burnt out on our floor)

Good luck!

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I work on Telemetry where dayshift nurses receive up to five or six patients each. It's waaaaayyyyy too many patients for the acuity level of the patients on that unit. I feel really sorry for both staff and patients. :o

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