Staying organized: "brain" sheets/report sheets?

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I am a rising senior (woo-hoo!) set to graduate in Dec---I would love to hear all the ways that you stay organized! Do you use "report or "brain" sheets that you made? Thanks!:loveya:


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Yea, I could not function without my brain sheet! Some floors I worked had their own brain sheets for the nurses to use. I got used to the sheet the first place I worked used and I could never adapt to a new one. So I made my own on my computer and copied them. That way I was independent and had my own sheet, which was especially helpful when I was a float nurse.


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I would love to see a copy!

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we use a SBAR sheet at my work....S(subject)=pt name, dx, day postop, docs on case, living situation, etc....Background=allergies, code status, important labs, Falls risk, medical hx....Assessment(all sections by system).....Recommendations....discharge plan, planned treatments, orders needed, etc....hope this helps....

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here you go. these are the ones i've collected from various posts on allnurses over the years including my own that i last used (you'll see the date in the top right of the page: report sheet.doc

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