Stay Away From The Drama

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I see this being said in tips to new students. What drama? What rumors? Can someone give me an example? Do students team and try to bully other students? What's the current drama in your school at the moment that you choose not to be a part of?

It's school. It's easy to get involved in cliques and aa repeat of high school nonsense if you aren't careful.

I see it all the time, sadly... you'd think since we are grown ups with big girl underoos we should be able to act civil. The school I'm starting next week is the same school I previously studied Med Assisting in, and boy were there some real winners in that class... just keep your head held high, if someone comes up to you with some snarky remark about you or another class mate just say "Oh, that's nice!" and walk away. If it continues, report them. This is not middle school. We are paying valuable money for a wonderful career, not to discuss Jane's ugly hair cut and Joe's sexual preferences.

Don't even stress. Sometimes you get lucky and everyone's a doll, but more than likely there will be a few bad apples. Ignoring them is the very best way to make them rot, wither, and fall off the tree ;)

Good luck hun!

People forget they graduated high school and are in college. Same drama, just older people doing it. I stay out of it because frankly, I left that behind almost 20 years ago when i graduated. I don't have time for it! Just ignore the gossipers and ugliness and you'll be fine!

Unfortunately this stuff is true everywhere you go, high school, college, and even more sadly, at work! :/

Drama is every where you go school, work, family, ect. Everyone is always going to have an opinion on someone else and what they do in their own personal life, people are going to be jealous and start rumors, it’s life. You go to class to learn not socialize. If you want to avoid the drama, be friendly with your classmates, but don’t let them know everything about your personal life. Keep the conversations school appropriate. Also don’t get too involved in their personal life, there’s always that person with tons of relationship/money/family problems and I feel that these are the people who try to start drama to make themselves feel better.

Basically, don’t get involved in gossip or talking anything negative about classmates. If someone starts a conversation like that walk away. Worry about yourself because does what Ann does with her boyfriend on the weekend affect you in any way? No, so there’s no need for discussion.

I have been in school a week and already see this....sadly. There is a woman in my class who, God bless her, is kind of annoying. But some of the people in my class (who I like) are going overboard in mocking her because she is getting on their nerves. I try to just ignore it, although if it continues I will probably try to kindly point out how inappropriate that is.

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