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Is a online Statistics class really that bad????? Thanks for any reply:yeah::yeah::yeah:


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I would be interested to hear the reply. I took my stats class in jr college and the stat class was desiged for nursing and/social work/sociology students--it was not a mathematic dept stat class (the 2 are very different). The class was challenging because it is a different language and way of thinking. To make matters worse, I was required to take yet another statistics class for my bachelors in social work. That class was far different from the first statistics class--more book and theory oriented than hands on technical computer work.

If you are concerned about stats, google statistics. There are some good websites that discuss stats 101 and break things down. The more info you get about statistics, the easier it will be.

My statistics class required computer statistics on line work. The statisics class for my social work degree had no hands on computer work but went into depth sampling, means, bell curve, hypothesis, etc. and how to design a study (which statistics plays a major part)

The most interesting thing was by the end of the stat class, I was able to understand the huge mathematical stat models and work them out. We went one step at a time, by the end of the semester the concept of stat models and working them out mathematically was not a challenge. Don't know if you will be taught the info I received at the community college.

I am interested to hear from others who took an online statistics class. Sorry I could not help you, but don't forget to use the internet for stat help.

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This class is Statistics for the Behavorial Sciences, it's a 5 week class and I have little room for error:eek::eek::eek: