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My name is Aaliyah and I am currently stationed overseas at Lakenheath, England, UK with my husband and son. Before coming here I was working on my pre-requisites to apply for the Nursing program in NC. I have taken: BIO-168 Anatomy and Physiology I and BIO-169 Anatomy and Physiology II, Eng-111 Writing and Inquiry, Med-121 Medical Terminology I, CHM- 090 Chemistry Concepts, and Com-231 Public Speaking. I have also taken the CNA I class and have passed it and taken the state test and passed that. I have passed all of these classes.

I am pretty positive that I know of all the classes that I need in order to apply for the nursing program but I am curious as to if anyone has known of any other pre-requisites that look good when applying for the program that could get me in quicker.

My family and I are here for another 2 years and being that I am young I do not wish to waste my time sitting at the house and not working my butt off to get my degree and start working!!! I am a stay at home mom while my husband works during the day but I am more than willing to do night classes and he may ask to switch to swing shift so he could take care of our son during the day and I can go to classes. I do not want to put my son in day care.

My big question is is it worth getting my nursing degree here overseas in the UK. I am thinking of going to school in Cambridge ( The University of East Anglia. My husband and I could extend an additional year or two if it was needed, although I would prefer not to. I need the degree to transfer back to the states so I can work there when we go back. Does anyone know if this is simple? I am willing to take a test, which is understandable, to prove that my schooling was appropriate and a few classes if needed. I also have no clue as to what I should do to enroll into this college because I know class titles are different than in America and I have no idea how their process works. Also, it says that the program is three years. Does anyone know what this means or consist of? I was thinking that the first year would be pre-reqs but I am not sure.

Overall, I am really stuck as to what I should do. If I am not able to get into the program or if it's not recommended than I will continue in the school I am in with taking extra classes but I think it would be so awesome for me to be able to take this time and be productive with it and get my degree. Could someone point me in the right direction and help me decide what I should do and what may be possible for me to do. I really need some advice!

Thank you so much for reading and commenting if you do. I have never done this before and I really appreciate it.


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It's always recommended to obtain your nursing education in the country where you wish to live and work.

UK nurses are specially trained and it's very digging it to "transfer" to other non-EU countries.

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If you are educated and licensed in England, you will be a Foreign Graduate. There are significant differences in English & US nursing education. There would be a LOT of hoops to jump to become licensed in the US. It would probably take you longer to complete the transition process than simply entering nursing school when you return to the US.


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Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate it! I think I will take you all's advice and wait till I go back to the US! In the mean time I guess I will take more classes to add to the point scale so I can get in quicker! (:

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