10 states with 30M uninsured hold key to ACA success


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10 states with 30M uninsured hold key to ACA success

California, Texas, Florida, New York, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey...The 10 states with the most uninsured people are essential to meeting the Obama administration's goal of enrolling 6 million Americans in health plans by March 31. New York, California and eight other states are home to 30 million of the nation's 47 million uninsured.

Nationally, about 5 million people had enrolled in Obamacare plans as of March 17, according to a blog post by CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner. Millions more had started the application process but not chosen a plan.

Kaiser Health News/USA Today


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How many of those 5 million signed up are people that had individual health insurance (like me and liked it) but now have to sign up for Obamacare plan that is twice the premium, higher deductible, lower co-pay because they feel as a single male I need maternity coverage?


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Yeah, I don't qualify for Obamacare subsidies-income is too low. I live in a state that didn't expand medicaid. But the good news is I am also exempt from it and from the penalty. Yay.


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I thought the original goal was 7 million. Anyway, the ACA was a joke to begin with. Those of you who have and continue to support the Democratic party should be ashamed of yourselves. I'll sit back now and read all the posts about how the failure of the ACA is the fault of Republicans and the insurance companies. Don't forget to mention the argument that the whole plan was originally thought up by the Republicans to begin with. Let the fun begin.


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Yep. Read an analysis today that said that some small % of people who have signed up for insurance post ACA were genuinely unable to get insurance previously. It made the case that by expanding Medicaid and subsidizing the heretofore uninsurable, we could have covered them without the odious mandate that has thrown a monkey wrench into our entire health care system.

It wasn't ever about the uninsured. It was always about the mandate.