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state surveyor Interview tommarrow

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Hello all, I have a job interview tommarrow for a position as a state surveyor. I am so excited and nervous because I really want this job. I am currently working in LTC I have been at my current facility for five years. It is not a bad place but I work night shift and recently wanted to switch to days. I internally applied for the position and was the only one that applied for awhile. The staff coordinator called and told me that she got my letter of interest for the opening for a 7-3 position for the cart and section I am responsible for at night. She went on to say that I was the only one who has applied thus far and would like to wait to see if anyone else applies. I felt like that was a slap in the face, then she went on to say that my current position I'm in would be difficult to fill. The whole conversation bothered me, I later found out that two other nurses applied but had less seniority but they requested that we each come in for a interview. I have never had to interview in house for a position, I felt this was all a waste and I still didn't get the 7-3 position. The whole ordeal made me realize that as a individual my current employer would only see me as a night shift nurse and hold me captive in that particular position. I have expressed that I am exhausted after 8 yrs of nights. So back on subject now....lol, I applied for the state surveyor position and was surprised they called me back and asked for an interview. I have only been an RN for 7 months but an LPN for 6 years with Long term care and hospital experience. I hope that this gives me a chance to work independently as I am use to on nights but still feel like I am among the living. I ask that you all pray for me to have the ability to move forward and shine at this interview and be able to put my ocd ...tendencies to good use.(lol)

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Good luck!!!

I got the job í ½í¸†


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I got the job í*½í¸†

That's awesome


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How are you liking it???