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State Authorization for NP programs

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I'm currently looking into bsn-dnp programs, specifically online because I want the freedom to be able to move, and maybe try out travel nurses. I see that online programs have states that the program is not offered in, but to me it's not exactly clear. 

For example, is it just my permanent residence that matters? If I do travel nursing and chose not to have a particular "home state," then how does that work?

Does it matter where I physically reside when I start the program, or when I complete it? or both?

If I complete the program in an authorized state and then become licensed as an FNP, will I then not be able to move to an unauthorized state and transfer that license to it?

It just seems very confusing.


Thanks in advance


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Most of the time programs don't enroll students from states in which they have not been able to obtain authorization in  which to offer clinical placement. I really couldn't imagine how you would be able to complete clinical hours while travel nursing or work on the DNP research capstone.  If you read many of the posts in the student NP threads you will find that many students have difficulty finding available preceptors in area in which they live let alone tying to arrange preceptors if you have no idea what state or city you may be working in during a particular term.    

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