which state should i apply for nclex


hello..i am a registered nurse in the philippines and i am planning to take nclex.but i can't decide which state should i go for..i applied before in california way back 2008 i think now they have a dif.reqt.please help which state should i consider.is illinios a good choice..

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You apply to the state for a nursing license by examination. You do not apply to a state for NCLEX. The NCLEX is but one step in the licensing process. You apply to the state where you intend to live and work, assuming you qualify for a visa with work rights. Technically all states are to require a valid SSN before issuing a professional license.

If you apply to IL with no intention of living or working there it's nothing more than a waste of time & money. The best state is the state where you desire to live and work. No one can answer that but you.


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Consider Michigan. They have easiest processing so far. I applied New York and its been 6mos until now they still on step1. My fried applied in Michigan and within 4mos she received her att. We are both foreign nurses.