Starting The ADN Program This Fall!


Anyone else? I will be doing the courses. Advice from anyone who has started or finished?

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These are from the "articles" section, might be helpful:

And this one for when you need a lift/motivation:

Make sure you have downloaded and read the nursing catalog so that you understand how the program works: limits on time, annual fees, graduation fees, the CPNE wait time, the CPNE structure, etc. These are things that seem to "surprise" people and then they complain, though the information is there all along.

EC was a great program for me, I have been an RN for nearly 8 years courtesy of this program. :)

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Congrats! I just started preparing for my 2nd exam. The best advice I can give you is invest in the practice exams, study guides and be prepared to do ALOT of reading/note taking.

I read both. Thanks Pixie for all you input, it really is helpful and encouraging.

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The only thing that turned me off to taking the classes rather than just testing out is that they will only allow you to take 2 nursing courses per trimester. Doing it that way will take over a year to complete your nursing classes.

Just my opinion. If classes is they way you learn better by all means do that. I was terrified the very first exam I took. I had it in the back of my mind the whole time I was taking the exam is " if I blow this I've wasted 355 dollars and have to wait 60 days to take it again".