who is starting in the SPRING!?!?!?!

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I am hoping to get in Spring 06' but won't get notification until about October. In the meantime, I'm taking Pathophysiology and my humanities: Medical Bio-ethics (should be an interesting class).

Right now I'm busy with my family and enjoying the light schedule. I'll be volunteering at the hospital (that I hope to do my clinicals) and reading for fun...nothing related to nursing. My advisor told me to have a life and don't burn out before even getting to nursing school. I think that was sage advice. :rolleyes:


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I am starting my psychiatric nurse practitioner's degree online in the spring of 06. I have to take a graduate statistics online course. Any recommendations? I already got one good one. There is so much on this site that I am having trouble keeping track of all the great suggestions. Can anyone find a good list of the most typical lab results? I am looking for something which would include the test, normal results and the meaning of high or low results. Thanks! Also is anyone so nervous that they don't know what to do first, so they just jump from one thing to another and get nothing done?? Any suggestions for this problem would be helpful too. If I do this during grad school, I will be a disaster. Krissy

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