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Starting school in a week


Hi I am starting my first year of nursing school in a week. I am very excited and also very nervous. I know my program is really hard and I will be working part time 19 hours a week. I was looking for some advice? And also what I need for school? I have a laptop, backpack, planner, lots of notebooks and pens and pencils. How do I stay organized without getting overwhelmed? Also what should I expect? Thank you for your time!


Following this thread :) I'm always looking for more advice on how to prepare for nursing school!

I recommend extra toner for your printer. You never know when the random assignment will come or the teacher wants you to print out materials for the next day's class. We needed 1" binders and pocket folders for assignments and lab paperwork. Save your work on a stick. One of my classmates was working on a very large paper, didn't save as she went along, and subsequently lost more than half of it when her computer crashed. She was devastated! Do your best to stay healthy, get enough sleep, eat well, and take some time for exercise or a fun hobby. A lot of the nursing students I know gained significant weight during the ADN program - average 25-30 pounds (me, included). Most important, enjoy the journey and keep your eye on the prize (that nursing degree!)

Put everything (hours you work, due dates from the syllabus and any extra activities) into that planner first thing. That will keep you from being overwhelmed because you will know ahead of time what you have to do.

I'm not in NS yet *_* but do you have a voice recorder ? I think it will be really helpful for extra note taking at home!