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Hello Everyone,

This is my first posting. I have been working on a telemetry/med-surg unit for about 1 year now. I have tried day after day to make myself feel comfortable and try to get the things I need to get done in my 12 hour shift. It never fails that I am always behind. I work days and we are given the same amount of patient's as night nurses, but we do three times as much work. I am tired. I do not like to constant running around, constant phone ringing, patients wanting something every five minutes, familes asking you a million questions and want everything immediately, I am on my feet all shift. I have had enough. Floor nursing in not me. I keep telling myself that if I just hang in there it will get better. I have come to the realization that every nurse is not meant to work in a face paced environment. I am at a year and I feel like it's time for me to move on. I am scared that I may be jumping the boat to soon or that it may be even worse where i am going. I have an interview at a pyschiatric hospital. I am looking for something less stressful and not constantly running around all shift. I would like to know what your experiences has been like working on a regular floor verses a psychiatric hosptial? Thank you for your input and encouragement!


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Hi well I work at a psy hosp and I work nights am new with 4 months under belt I can tell you it is different than med surg in that at my hosp we gt medically stable pt BuT we get our share of HTN and diabetic pt also COPD and the like,I am usually steadly busy all night but ,not the same busyas a medsurg by a long shot ,however it has lke any other nursing job its stressess.I think aftr a year on medsurg psy will be great for you.I like it very much.Good luck:yeah:


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have you tried a different shift? or home care?

i am doing psych nursing now, there is still an awful lot of time spent on your feet....but pts arent usually coding left and right, so its not that kind of busy....

but behaviors and property damage and possible injury are still a factor..

good luck:yeah:


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Blondnursy,you are 100% right .psy is very busy in some of the samr way and some very different ways.

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