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Hello everyone!

In January (maybe even August) I will be starting a pre nursing certificate for an Associate's in Nursing. Normal right?

Well here's the kicker: I already have a bachelor's degree in political science with a horrendous GPA (as in I barely graduated).

I'm very concerned at how my previous degree and GPA will affect my pre nursing certificate and my ability to get into a nursing program. I won't be using any credits from my BA degree and will be taking all classes over again even if I did do well in them the first time around because I want a fresh start.

Be honest, even I knocked my pre nursing classes out of the park, what are my chances at getting into an ASN program with a crap GPA from my first shot at undergrad? Should I just give up?

Depends entirely on the program. Some programs it will matter. Others it might not matter as much, as I know some programs focus mostly on the prereq GPA as long as you meet their minimum overall GPA. So you should probably look in your area to see what criteria they look at and figure out how much you'd need to improve your overall GPA and if it's possible (especially if the program doesn't allow retakes of classes).

And I'm unsure why you would retake classes you don't need to retake? You have to give the program your entire transcript, so they'll see your classes from your previous degree regardless. What use would it be to spend money and time retaking a class you did well in when you could instead spend that on retaking classes you did poorly in?

If you do good on your nursing prereqs, then it's a good chance of you getting in. Most nursing programs don't look at your full GPA, but just your nursing prereqs GPA (which varies school to school). Nursing is very competitive so you would want to get the best grades possible.

Best of luck :)

OP, I failed out of my last school in '06 with a 0.3 GPA, and I got accepted after my prereqs. (It was courses for a certification, so I didn't care about the actual college classes, I just needed my classes for my certification covered by financial aide). Most schools, especially community colleges are only going to look at your grades for your prereqs. Check with them to make sure, but if I did it, you'll find one. Just make sure you work hard, get good grades on your prereqs.

Hi friend, I failed out of college in 2014 with a GPA Of 1.2

I got accepted into my nursing program this fall with a preq gpa of 3.6 and overall gpa of 2.125

If you're very worried, talk to the school about academic amnesty/forgiveness. I've seen it be an option for some people who've been out of school for a while.

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