starting nursing school in 2 weeks!

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can anyone give me any advise about nursing school, "what to look out for and what to except" any advise would be great!!!!!!

Expect the Unexpected while your in nursing school..Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? If so let them know that you must dedicate 99% to this. Yes, it leaves only 1% to them, but this is not to be taken lightly. I'm about to enter an essay I wrote about Why I Chose the Nursing Profession as a Career, read it.TLynn


Hey Purple!

Congratulations! I hope that you will do well in school. However, I hope that you realize that you are about to embark on one of the most trying and demanding adventures (yes, nsg school IS quite the adventure!)that you will ever undertake. I myself am about ready to graduate from nsg school and I have often said that it is one of those things that I wouldn't take a million dollars for but not pay one red cent to go back through. Just prepare your family and friends for a BIG change in what you can do and what you are available for. Practicals and clinicals take much preparation and care plans can take entire evenings. But no matter what, dear one, never, EVER lose heart. It is worth it all in the end. Believe me, I have been where you are in the very recent past. Before I go, my biggest piece of advice for you is, even though nsg school takes much time and energy, don't forget to have a life outside of nsg school. My salvation has been that I will not allow myself to do any school work on one night of the week (usu. a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night.) I pick one of those nights as a fun night and therefore, nothing pertaining to school is allowed. Good luck and congratulations again. If you need anything, pls feel free to look my email up or leave me a msg here and I will try to reply.

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Don't get scared or discouraged from everything you hear. Yes, it's difficult, but any degree can be. I'm getting through it alright, but I don't work...that really helps. The good thing about school is that it goes by so fast, your are never in a class or clinical setting for too long before you move on to the next. Good luck and just take one thing at a time! Graduation will be worth all the hard work.

BIG TIME CONGRATS!! I'm just about the finish up my 2nd semester. It's tough but you can do it!! Good luck.

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