Starting Nursing School at NAU, what books do I need?


I am starting nursing school at NAU flagstaff this spring and I was wondering what books are actually necessary. I don't like to waste money on books I never open. I am taking NUR205 with lab, NUR214 with lab, NUR215, and NUR321. That is transition into nursing, intro to health assessment, pharmacology, and gerontology. If you could tell me what books you actually got use out of that would be great!

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You want all the books they assign to you, and probably more. Now is not the time to start cutting corners. Those books are not going to be like your, oh, English 102 texts that you sell as soon as the semester is over. You will keep using them and referring to them all the time you are in school and if you are smart, beyond that. See, nursing school is a different kind of learning than you have ever experienced-- it builds and it expects you to remember what you learn to build on it. Forget that at your peril.

I'm still buying books, mumblemumble years after graduation.

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I agree with GrnTea. I am finishing up my first semester of nursing school now. While I don't use all my books very often, I like to be able to go to them to reference things and answer questions I have. I was told by a 2nd year student that I wouldn't even open the nutrition book we were assigned, so I didn't buy it. I had to scramble at a certain point in the semester to find one because I wasn't understanding something from lecture. I've now used that book a ton of times.


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Hey, fellow Lumberjack here! I never once used the study guide for pharm, or the calculation study guide. But sadly, all the rest you absolutely need. Good luck and have fun!