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Starting Nursing Program

Mrslo23 Mrslo23 (New) New

Hi All!

I was just accepted into ITT Tech's Breckinridge School of Nursing Program in Canton, Mi starting Sept 15, 2014! I am very excited! Is there anyone that has history with this program that can give me some insight!

pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Good day, Mrslo23:

Why ITT Tech? If you search the forums, they don't have a good history.

Thank you.

I see that now! I just started looking on this site a few days ago but alot of the comments are from a couple of years ago and I'm not even for sure they are referring to the program in Canton, Mi. I do know a few people that have graduated from the program or are getting ready to graduate and I hear nothing but good things from them! I haven't heard anything different that I have already heard about any other program. I chose this program because it was very easy to get in and I didn't have to be on a 4-5 year wait list.


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The problem is that they may not prepare you to pass NCLEX. I can't find the NCLEX pass rates for schools on the Michigan BON, but all of ITT schools have a poor NCLEX pass rate. You may end up with a lot of school debt and have to take NCLEX multiple times.

The probability of it being easy to get into is it is expensive, poor pass rates, not accredited so you can't get a BSN, many hospitals are requiring you to graduate from an accredited school.

Breckenridge Itt tech is accredited,and as long as you have RN behind your name you CAN get into a bachelor degree program. There are schools that will take our credits, They even launched their own. I'm at Orland park ,IL and I must say the teachers there are great. You can go to them for anything and they care! Yes we do have low passing rates but it's not because of the teachers. It's because of the quality of students they are letting in and their policies. While I am in med surg 2 starting sept 16th I will say there is a lot of self study but you get out what you put in! Most schools are self study whether you spending money or going to a community college. It's not a walk in the park like so many young people may think. It's a mixture of people in the school I'm at and the older crowd who really wants to be there is mixed with a younger crowd that just needs something to do, have no experience what so ever in healthcare and are in it for the money. Those are the ones that are failing or getting to the end and not passing exit HESI or NCLEX. They are in the process of fixing there review for NCLEX. I'm class of dec 2015 and so far I have passed both my pharm and fundamentals HESI and with 2 more to go and I will be graduating and passing my NCLEX!

Congratulations and good luck to you!!!!!!! Thank you so much for replying!! It helps ti hear from someone who is actually in the program!!!

NurseGirl525, ASN, RN

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Please do not go to this school and fall for their scam. That is all they are is a scam. They are extremely expensive and the last time I checked, not regionally accredited so no, your credits will not transfer. Many people do not hire people from these schools and it is my understanding they are in financial trouble. Please find a cc to try and get your degree at. Otherwise you will be paying back money for a useless degree. A big reason why they are not accredited? NCLEX pass rates are low and the fact they go in quarters. That should be your first sign. If a school schedules their year in quarters instead of semesters, don't go there. When most accredited school are taking med/surg for a semester and a for profit school does it in a quarter, there is something lacking there.

Oh and ITT Tech is famous for waiting until it's graduation time, then telling you that you owe them more money. Financial aid didn't cover such and such. Then they will not give you your degree until you pay them the money. It is a scam!!

rubato, ASN, RN

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My hospital HR department told me they would never hire someone who graduated from ITT, NCLEX pass or not. Hospitals seem to be shying away from these grads. Be careful.

Please stop with the misinformation! How do you know something is lacking in Med surg because it's in quarters? That don't even sound right. Who cares what they call their curriculum quarter is another name for semester. Financial aid keeps us up to date every quarter and if you have waited til the end and found out you owe them more money it's because you weren't on top of your stuff keeping track! Itt is nationally acrredited which means you can't transfer credits to a university! I have sat with Purdue calumet and govenor state and they both said they would take my Itt tech credits. Also to whatever employer is saying they will not hire ITT TECH GRADS that is discrimination and they can be sued if somebody finds out they are doing that! Like I said before as long as you have an RN BEHIND YOUR NAME YOU WILL FIND WORK!!! I have a friend who graduated in 2013 and is now working in a hospital in Hawaii making $45 and hour!!! My cousin is in Indiana working at kindred right now making $29 and I work in a hospital that is waiting for me to graduate and pass boards to hire me so please unless you do your research and are actually going through the experience instead of relying on what everybody else tells you please stop spreading myths and twisting the information. The school is not perfect no school is...I came from a community college program that had to shut down and revamp they whole curriculum it happens! Yes it's expensive but there are many loan forgiveness programs for public service workers and that includes healthcare. I am not going about this blindly, I do my research and have a plan but to each there own.

And if I do end up with a useless degree I will sue the f$@& out of Itt because they promised me a degree as long as I do what suppose to and pass! So there is a solution for everything!

pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Good day, msmama0509:

America is, unfortunately, a litigious country (this is not a good thing). Yes, you can so for just about anything. But you need a lawyer ($$$$$), time (lots of it), and enough proof. They don't have to tell you they didn't hire you for going to ITT or any other school (no proof).

You talk about spreading misinformation. You state, "as long as you have an RN BEHIND YOUR NAME YOU WILL FIND WORK!!!" yet that would only be a true statement if there is no nursing shortage. Try being a new grad in impacted states, and your statement is no longer true (to be blunt, an outright lie). Now, if you are doing the research you claim to be doing, you would not make generalized statements which are not true 100% of the time. I.e. statements which are outright lies based on evidence (keeping in mind nursing science is based on evidence). New grads in impacted states have an unemployment rate ~50% compared to the national average of 6.2%. It doesn't matter they have "RN" behind their name; they are unemployed.

Hopefully your research includes the cost of for profit schooling compared to a community college or other far more established (in terms of respect etc. than ITT), the NCLEX pass rate compared to said other schools, the average length of time to find a job in your geographic area as a new RN grad (presuming passing the NCLEX), and the "starting" pay rate in that area for a new grad without any RN experience. Then include in that research the time it will take to pay back the investment to become an RN in the first place.

Whom do you think has the shortest payback time period, often a >= NCLEX pass rate? ITT or community colleges and other far more established nursing schools? Lastly, do you understand that Hawaii has an extremely high cost of living? So that $45 per hour is probably close to the $20 to $25 per hour compared to locations with a lower cost of living.

Thank you.