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Starting new job Monday but got a better offer

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I recently accepted a position with a clinic as a LVN. I start orientation this coming Monday but last Friday I got a call from another employer who wanted to give me an interview and told me to come "check out the place and compare my options". They know I had accepted another job offer because the conversation started with it.

The employer I accepted the job from does not know about any of this. I want to keep my options open in case this interview works out and they're willing to pay more or if the job would be more fulfilling.The job I already accepted the offer from is a walk-in clinic/ER and the job I'm interviewing for is a community health care clinic that has way more patient services.

My question is if I DO get a better offer from the community health care clinic, how would I break this to the employer that I already agreed to work for? Should I take the offer at all because I would be losing future employment opportunities with this clinic's parent company? Thank you.

Dear Keep my Options Open,

If only job offers came in nicely-sequenced time frames 🙂

If you are offered a job by Employer B (community clinic) and accept, then you must quit your new job at Employer A. The way to "break it to the employer" is to simply tell them. "I'm decided to go with a different company. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience I've caused".

It is an uncomfortable conversation because they have spent a certain amount of resources recruiting you, interviewing, background check, etc. If you decide to break your agreement, do it as soon as possible.

If you have vetted Employer B, and you receive a substantially higher offer (15%-20%) from them, or it is your dream job, then it makes sense to go with the offer.

Make sure you are OK with cutting all ties with Employer A, however. Look to the future. If you want to be assured of future employment opportunities with Employer A, then you have to stay with them.

Best wishes in your decision,

Nurse Beth

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