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So I havent started LPN school yet, I will start next fall. I missed the application deadline =/ for the simple fact that I wasnt sure I wanted to start back to school so soon, but here I am! In the mean time I am finishing up a few classes so I wont have to do them when I start clinicals.

I have applied for financial aid but dont know if I can get it because my college is SO overwhelmed with financial aid inquires. Since I am not working my husband is going to have to cover all the bills he is now PLUS the added expense of child care when I start clinicals (maybe even tuition and books and extras like scrubs and steth if i cant get fin. aid). I know there are many moms on here going back to school and I would love to hear how you did it. ALSO even if your arent a mom I still want your ideas!!!!

CONGRATS to all who are in the LPN program I admire you =)


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Well I start in october. I have two children one who just turned one and the other just turned four. I got financial aid for school as much as I could and then took out some loans. My husband works full time and I am going to continue to work part time because we are unsure if I'll be getting subsidized day care. I'm still waiting to hear from that. I don't know if your city does it but you should def. look into it. Every little bit helps. I'm worried sick about everything that could or will go wrong lol. If all else fails my mom said she would help by watching the kids so here is to hoping things turn out well. lol. Good luck to you hun :redbeathe


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The good news is that financial aide is NOT based on the schools quantity of applications. If you do not have current student loans in default, meet the financial need based on your SAR from your FAFSA, ( most people do), and are taking eligible classes at an accredited school, you will get a Stafford Loan. Pell grants are the ones that run out at the school.


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I have three kids, ages 3, 5 and 7. My husband works on the road and is only home about 3 weekends a month. Because of his income, I didn't qualify for any grants, but we sure dont' have any income to spare LOL! I did get a Stafford loan, which covered my tuition, books with a bit left over. I am trying right now to find a part time CNA job, which hopefully would cover my daycare expenses.

I took my CNA course and three other classes (two online, one in classroom) over the summer, and applied to the nursing program for spring '10. After the fall semester I should have all my gen ed's done (except maybe Algebra, I'm not sure if I want to attempt it with the other classes and job this fall, but it would probably give me a better chance of getting into the program for spring).

Money will be tight, life will be crazy, but I know it's what I really want to do so I'll make it work. Summer was super busy and a good sneak peek at what the rest of the year will be like. Dealing with daycare issues is the worst part!

Good luck to you, where there's a will, there's a way!!!!

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Thanks for the info. I just tried to apply for the Stafford Loan and it said my school is not participating. :banghead: I dont know why though? Its accredited and all. But anywho...Im going to keep looking into options. Oh and I did get a voicemail from the Financial aid Dept. and I do qualify for financial aid and they are supposed to be paying soon (bad news I already paid for classes so i will have to be reimbursed =/) So Im sure I will get more aid for the following school year!!!!

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