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Starting FNP program at South University in Oct 2014


Just looking for other students to go back and forth with who are currently enrolled in the FNP program at South University or who will be starting soon. I am starting in October and have been out of school for 14 years so I could use any advice or suggestions!! Thanks

My wife is in South University MSN-FNP program. I'm retired and her mentor in making her goals a reality. She started earlier this year and will be starting her 3rd quarter in Oct. she goes to the University in Richmond and does does recommend online for many reasons. She works full time in a hospital ICU unit and works a consistent schedule of 3 nights in a row (fri,sat,sun) this is very important because you don't want to be all over the place. Yes your giving up your weekend but balancing a rotating shift and good grades (remember a "C" means CUT from the program) quarters 2&3 are very challenging and your going to be doing a lot of APA papers. Parella software is a must for your papers. I would be willing to assist you with what we learned just contact me. Enjoy your experience you made the right choice.

Correction miss spell: Doesn't recommended online.

Considering this program also for November. Would also like to connect with students in FNP program. "Ronchelednik" where you not recommending online or recommending online? Thanks!

I will be attending in January of 2015. I am so excited. All of my courses are indite.

Hi all. I have contacted an enrollment counselor at South for the FNP program coming up 2015. I'm not sure how I feel yet since they have not had a class that has graduated yet or taken the exam. They are expensive but you can finish in 2-2.5 years. Can you please share with me why have you considered South University to continue you education?? Thanks

I'm moving outside of Atlanta soon. Do anyone live in the area?

I live in Michigan and the program here is on site. My friend graduated in April and passed boards in July .

Several of her classmates have passed boards as well.

I'm attending South because it seems to focus on clinical aspects of the practitioner and not a lot of drawn out theory. I've had enough of that in undergrad. Plus, from what I here it is a good school.

Thanks for the reply. That's great. I've been reading some negative post so I wanted some positive feedback.

I love the fact that there are almost 800 clinical hours and that was one of the main reasons I thought about South. How did your friend feel about the course load? Are you doing it online?

Hi I am thinking about going to South next year but I do not know when I will start

How did your friend feel bout the course work and the heavy load of assignments? Did she feel like she could still juggle family and working fulltime? I have to work fulltime through the program. I am nervous just thinking about it cause I want to do well and pass the boards but I also want to go to a school where I can get a good education.

My friend felt like it was very manageable. She has a husband and two kids. She also worked full time. She was stressed at times, however, I believe that comes with the territory. Overall, she really enjoyed the program and felt she was given everything she needed to pass boards and work as a new FNP. As you know, you will not get everything you need while in school. However, she feels prepared to function as a new grad while learning along the way. I understand your anxiety as I am nervous as well. I am sure we will be fine once we get into the swing of things.

Thanks for the reply. That's very encouraging. With so many schools to research I still don't know what is best. But South is one I will start the process with. I was thinking about University of Southern indiana. I heard they are a good school but tough.i don't want a school with busy work. I want to devote my time to what I need to practice as an entry level fnp. I love the clinical time that south has.

Is your friend working now as a fnp? What does she think and was it hard finding a job?

Yes i agree. I want and need as much clinical as possible. She is working as a FNP. She received several offers soon after completing the program. However, she waited until passing her boards before taking any offers, as she did not want the stress and pressure of prospective employers pressuring her to take her boards before she was ready. The following week after taking and passing boards she began working. I think I was just as excited as she after receiving the offer. It is very encouraging that I too may be able to find a job soon after graduating.

That's great. I hope it will be as easy for us. Did she give you any tips on what to use for study guides for the exam. I researched a couple. Fitzgerald and Leik