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Starting my first CNA job tomorrow, I'm very nervous. Questions, please help!?


This is my first ever job, and I'm only 18. I'm very excited, but also nervous...

I had my clinicals during afternoons, but I'm going to have training for 4 days on the evening shift, and after that I'll be on the NOC shift permanently. I'll be in a Medicare/Rehab unit. On each unit in the nursing home, there is only one CNA and one Nurse during the night shift... if I'm trained for the evening, how am I going to know what to do at night? I know you mostly change briefs and turn people every 2 hours.

Is that what 'doing rounds' means?

Will they explain everything else I need to do?

Like who needs to get up in the morning?

How do you wake someone up in the morning?

At night, do you explain to the resident what you are doing if they are semi awake?

I'm afraid that I'm just going to show up and 10:00pm, be very nervous in my unit and not know what to start doing!

Or will nurse probably tell me? I'm so confused. Thank you for any help or advice.


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If you are starting training they are not supposed to leave you by yourself with a resident just yet. They should make sure you know what to do in any situation. Don't worry. They will show you how to do everything. At least, they're supposed to. And don't overwhelm yourself. It'll feel like a ton of information at first but once you start doing stuff on your own, everything will click. Trust me. Watch, observe a lot and practice oh! and ask questions of you don't understand something! Good luck! Keep us posted!

like what was explained above, just ask questions to understand what to do, they let you know what the routine is, and from there it wil take time to get used to and get comfortable.


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NOC shift is the best!!! Dont worry. When you get there, usually the CNA's before you should give you "report" and let you know about your patients, who is continent/incontinent, needs to be changed etc. Feel free to ask them questions too (maybe arrive a little early your first day to have enough time to ask what you need to ask).

WHen I worked LTC, typically I would start the night off by doing vitals, then hanging out at the nurses station, answering lights as needed (and I actually had plenty of time to study during NOC shift too which was nice). About 3 hours after my shift started, I would make rounds and change briefs of those who are incontinent. Then again about 2 hours before my shift ended. Where I worked, we would pretty much just start getting up patients an hour before the next shift came. There were 3 CNAs on my unit, we each had a hall, and we were each assigned like 3, maybe 4 at the most patients to get up. And that wraps NOC shift about up.

Good luck!!! I was nervous too at first when I got my first CNA job (also LTC) but you will get the hang of it quick!


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Being nervous is a good sign! Trust me.

You will get all of these questions answered on site. Ask a lot of questions to the CNA(s) training you. Usually, facilities choose CNAs with a good amount of experience and a good attitude. Good luck!