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I have been a nurse for a year and a half. I've bounced around a bit from job to job due to moving (unavoidable family situation) and leaving a job that was not working for me. I am currently working inpatient mental health. I enjoy the actual nursing work, but as I am the only RN on site during evenings, I do nearly all administrative duties (my main issue with this job and disorganized management/ lack of training). I started looking for a job- had a few offers and am now looking at starting a new role in corrections via a staffing agency (non-temporary position in a jail/detention center).  I am excited about this new position. I really want to work in a fast paced environment/ where I can see interesting cases/ continue to learn and grow. I have worked in mental health and prisons before (previous career). I didn't mind it, found it interesting. 

My main concerns about this new position: I feel I have good assessment skills/ solid nursing skills to build upon and grow upon. I am however unable to start an IV. I have tried. I have missed every time, and to be honest no one has really sat down and taught me step by step how to do one (other than a few years ago in nursing school). Will this be an issue? 

Also, any advice for me on how to be successful in a prison setting. 


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At my facility, we do very few IVs. My IV skills are passable, but not much more than that. There are plenty of people on staff who are more proficient, when those occasions do come around.

We don’t start IVs at all at the correctional facility I’m working at however we do draw plenty of labs

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