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Starting my contract soon...


Hi everyone,

I have posted on here a few times and navigate the page frequently and have learned so much info that has helped me in my recovery. I signed my contract today for the Professional Assistance Program and I will get my official contract start date in a few weeks in the mail. I am SO GRATEFUL that I was allowed to be in the program, although I realize that the process will not be easy. I registered with First Lab so I am set up when my contract starts. My question is, I have heard on this blog that there are certain products (such as shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, etc) to avoid while in a monitoring program so I don't run the risk of creating a false positive....is there a website that I can go to for reference about this?? I hope I don't sound super paranoid, but some guidance from those who have/ or are currently going through this would be greatly appreciated!!!

If it matters, I will add that I will be testing through First Lab and am located in Wisconsin)

Thanks! :)

In the Texas program we get a book with common OTC products to avoid try going to TPAPN web site to see list

Arkansas never sent anything like that, just the contract. I have been monitored for 18 months, I have never avoided OTC products or hand sanitizer and I've not been notified if a positive test. I try not to stress over it because I know I'm clean. Good luck in ur monitoring! It's not easy, but do-able!

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I am in the TNPAP program in TN and they will give you all the information in the lengthy contract you sign and also on there web page should be a medication guide line that list lots of things as well. What may seem harmless may be what they see as addictive. But no worries they will provide all this to you just make sure to read your agreement well.