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Starting CNA classes soon :)


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Hi everyone,

So I am currently taking online prerequisites with my community college. Everything is going pretty smoothly, and I'm already ahead which is good. The only thing that's making me nervous/stressed right now is that they still aren't done processing my financial aid and the final payment deadline is September 8th :arghh: Other than that, I start my CNA classes that same week, and they're free!!! I'm so excited! Also, I'm guaranteed a job once I complete the class and pass the test so that's even better. I have a question though, in the packet it says that regular clothes are fine for the classes but during clinicals we need a uniform or scrubs and clean tennis shoes. I'm not sure if they'll get into more detail about that, but what would the standard be if they don't?

That's so exciting. I'm starting my Cna class too next week, in addition to prerequisites. But for my class we needed all white scrubs and white tennis shoes for the clinical portion of the class. But if you need a uniform for your class I would check with your instructor. :)

How exciting! And let's hope FA comes through quickly. As far as uniform and shoes, I would check with the program director. Some of those programs are really picky.

YAY congrats!! I start my CNA class next week too! Our uniform is a dark blue scrub top and white scrub pants. Good luck in your class! :)