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What is the best way to get into a Case Management job? I have been an RN for over 10 years and due to age and a back problem I am looking to "retire" from floor nursing. I am interested in doing case management and would like to know the best self study course and guides to prepare for the certification exam. Also, once I have certification should I look at hospitals or insurance companies for work?

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My understanding is that you must have a few years of work experience as a Case Manager in order to sit for the CCM or ACM exams. Thus, there is no way for you to get certified in these two prior to becoming a Case Manager. Please check the requirements here:

Commission for Case Management Certification (CCM): Certification & Renewal | CCMC

American Case Management Association: ACMA : American Case Management Association

Good news, with your ten years of clinical work experience, you may also have connections in the world of nursing that will help you to land your first CM job. Talk to a hiring manger of Case Management and ask that person the best way to be considered for an entry level position now or in the near future. A great place to start is your current employer or your former employers. Good luck!