Starting ADN program next month need advise!

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I’ll be starting my first semester of an ADN program next month. First semester I take Fundamentals of Nursing. All advise is greatly appreciated on supplies, organization tips and in general what to expect, as well as study techniques.

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As I'm about to sit for my NCLEX tomorrow, a piece of advice I wish I had been told was to begin studying for NCLEX first semester. I'd recommend buying a comprehensive or less comprehensive NCLEX book now. Don't buy like the newest version of Saunders Review or anything like that, but you can get an older versions way cheap and it's the same content. Review the subjects in the book as you go along in school and back track and re-review subjects during breaks. Enjoy your breaks though, take some time off, don't obsess about it, but I wish I had picked up a NCLEX review book back in Fundamentals.

Also, don't underestimate doing practice questions, those Success (Med-Surg/Peds/Maternal) books are really good, not for just the practice questions, but the rationales in them are fantastic and you can learn a lot just reading the rationales. Your school may also hook you up with some sort of NCLEX review program/bank, use it throughout school, it will really help you learn and pass your semester & as a bonus you'll be prepped for NCLEX.

Good luck and try not to stress, take it one week at a time the first half of block 1/semester 1.

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Thank you so much for your comment. I will definitely be getting an NCLEX review, as you are one of many that have told me that!


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My piece of advice is opposite than most which is learn how nclex questions are written, created and developed from from a test writer stand point first. Ncsbn website is where it starts.

THEN get a nclex book to review the test taking strategies which is really having deep knowledge of pathophysiology

Read all your chapters and learn how to read a textbook.

Learn how to learn and apply critical thinking sqr4, principles, concepts, concept maps, blooms taxonomy

Use lots of graphic organizers diagram decision tree. I find these more helpful.

Watch 3d animated videos for patho and algorithm patho videos

Nursetim youtube videos and keith are great.

Learn lecture lingo meaning many teachers use different phrases to hint whats going to be on exams

A great dx Care plan book and patho book are everything

This is all stuff i wish i knew.

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Make sure you get your resources straight! Books, review guides, YouTube channels! FunLearn Nursing is a new youtube channel that does an excellent job of explaining! Registered nurse Rn is another (older) one that’s has a lot of stuff too!