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Started Nursing School Yeah!!!!

:clown:hey guys, i have finally started nursing school aug 21, and i am 4 months pregnant and always sooooo tired. it is actually ok, i just have bad nursing sickness. well the good thing i guess is that the first 2 classes are very basic and not hard at all and actually alot of the fundamental stuff is really common sense stuff but, not to underestimate u still need to study.

well just wanted to say hello to everyone and the real work is about to begin and i will chat with u all when i can to tell u all about what's going on.

i forgot to mention i have 2 great teachers at hfcc so for me right now all is well and just pray for me the my prgnancy allows me to finish without taking off. talk with u later:p

Congrats !!!

and Good Luck with EVERYTHING !!!

Good luck!!!! The journey is just beginning!

Excited 08.... before you read this please forgive the long message. I was excited to see your post and know that you were starting classes that I just finished I just wanted to pass along a little info.

so we meet again. Congrats on the little one!!! Good luck to you in your first semester... coming from someone who is going into semester 2... a little advice... First of all look out for a friend of mine... He had to restart the pgm this semester... he sleeps alot and he shouldn't be hard to find He'd actually make a great resource for what to expect this semester even considering.

2nd You're right these classes are pretty cool Not hard at all depending on who you talk to. Beware of NSG 120 not many people know this and it wasn't until I started to see people crash and burn REALLY REALLY quickly did I realize the seriousness of this class. Take each test very seriously alot of people take this for granted and do poorly on the first test just to get a feel for the exam. This would be your first mistake because unless you have a lightening strike moment afterward that thrusts you into "all knowing" you will struggle until the end and possibly like a lot of other students depart ways.

This is mostly in part because guess what... nothing in this class is what it seems so you have to completely revamp your thinking quick fast and in a hurry. There are only 3 exams and the 3rd one is the last exam and final all in one. SO imagine you fail the first test... you'll get a love letter from hfcc telling you that you need to get it together... then you're like ok so either you get an A on the next exam or you're screwed! But lets say you do OK and you end up with say a 80 percent or better it does not end there! Do well on your other required assignments (pop quizes and annotated bib) and I do mean DO WELL so that you're not freaking out on the last exam because you can't afford to get even one question wrong or you're out of the program so you have to decide even before then to drop and start again for the last time the following semester.

I don't mean to scare you because I am sure you're smart and you'll do well but I saw a few too many new friends part ways and if they'd had someone to tell them this little itty bitty piece of info things may have been a little different for them. SO I'm just keeping it real and passing on what I know. I didn't have any problems in either class which is evidence that their definetely not impossible; but it was painful sometimes watching my new friends literally try to pick my brains to understand how I just "got it" and nothing that I could tell them would help them because it's just called critical thinking and some people have to work at it.


Has 6 years experience.

The material may be very easy, but they can make very, very difficult tests out of the most basic material.

Do not underestimate these tests!

I am glad to hear you find the information easy right now. Be prepare for Med Surg 1, it wont be that easy. Enjoy it while you can!

Good luck with nursing school and the pregnancy.

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