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Hi, fellow New-Grads!

Did you apply to Stanford's New Grad Residency for March 2015? If so, let's keep each other posted! Good luck to everyone :)

Hey!! I applied.. My status changed to "Application in Review" today! I'm hoping thats a good sign!!

Hi! I applied as well. My status has been in "Application in Review" and I'll keep you posted if anything changes. Good luck to everyone!

Awesome, thanks for the updates! My status is also "application in review" but my date has not updated. Is anyone else in the same boat?

I applied as well! I saw on facebook that people are already getting rejection emails and from what I've read on previos posts that means that we passed the personality test. One step closer!!

Yayy, I am so excited! Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!! I wonder how many people applied and how many they are going to take this cohort... What nursing units did you guys put?!

I dont know but from what Ive read there are lots of applicants for only a few spots. I dont know if we "choose" units or if HR just hooks us up with units similar to those we did our practicum in.

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I submitted my application on Nov 24th (deadline), and my status says "Application in Review" and the date is the 24th as well. It wasn't like that until a few hours after I submitted it.


What kind of jobs did you guys have during nursing school? Did you have leadership experience too? I heard from a girl who was accepted last year that it is what they're looking for mostly, not just students who have good grades only. But she also said that they look for diversity, and also that each person they picked was so different from each other. They really don't have a formula for what they want.

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Also, does anyone know which units they are hiring new grads for? Do they pick for you?

From what I have been hearing and reading, it sounds like the recruiters pick a small amount of resumes to send to the nurse managers, who then look over your resume and decide if they want to call you in for an interview. I put ED down as my unit, but then I recently heard that ED does not hire New Grads.

I have 7 years of EMS experience. No real leadership experience besides teaching an EMT class years ago..

Doesn't sound like we will hear any updates until end of Dec/early Jan. Keep your head up, everyone. If we didn't get a rejection e-mail right now, it means we made it through the first of what seems like many cuts! lol :)

That is awesome that they look for diversity and do not necessarily have a set way of doing things! I have not received any emails or calls yet.. I am hoping this is a good sign! Crossing my fingers!!

I heard that they do not hire into ED for new grads either, but maybe if you get hired in a different unit you can float there?! I wonder how they sort the applications? I read from previous posts that they kind of pick a unit for you or something. I am not exactly sure how it is done though.

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