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What would set you apart from the other hundreds of new grad applicants?

I am thinking of getting an AA in Spanish. I am already semi-fluent. What else would be a good idea?


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Do you have to write an essay or statement of why you would be a good applicant? If you so, consider focusing on the future of nursing. Check out the American Organization of Nurse Executives and look as the newest initiatives for nursing. I would show that I am already preparing myself to be an innovation nurse leader and I keep up with current events in health care and nursing practice. I did a major study on this. I t was pretty interesting. I would also show that I will be an asset to the program AND the field of nursing.

If you don't have to do an essay, standing out becomes really hard. I hate the fact that many schools accept students based on GPA only. What kinda fraggle naggle bull is that! lol. A great GPA DOES NOT EQUAL a great nurse. Nurses need to be able show compassion among other things that cannot be demonstrated by an A in chemistry.

Just my 2 cents...:twocents:

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