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Hey guys! I'm going to try and work up a standard order form for people who smoke who need nicotine patches when admitted. Does anyone use such a form in their hospital? I would love to hear how its set up.


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Our admission database includes questions on addictions such as nicotine, alcohol, and street drugs. One of our questions has to do with a referral to Respiratory services if the patient wishes to stop smoking.

They have a choice of therapies: nicotine patch or Chantix or whatever else the doc might prescribe that will help them. Or they can refuse and white-knuckle it until they can go off the unit (after signing a waiver, of course).

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Well Angie, what I'm looking to do is to develop a set of standard orders for smokers.

Where I work, we have one for constipation. It has certain criteria that has to be reviewed and checked off. But if the person qualifys then I can impliment the order (colace ect) and give the med to the person.

I said to a coworker the other day that we need one for smokers. I work at a smoke free facility and I think its a fab idea. I just need to research it and I'd like to come up with an actual prototype.

So I was wondering if anyone worked where they had such a order sheet so I could see how its set up.


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