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Anyone here work at Stamford Hospital? Looking for current updates on working here, many of the threads here about this place are dated. I also noticed they are finishing up hospital construction, which is exciting.

I'm interested in applying for an ED position here, but I don't have ED experience, only 3+ tele experience by the time I apply. I'm wondering if they would consider me anyway.

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Wouldn't be surprised if they form a partnership with Danbury. They are part of New York Presbyterian Healthcare System and Columbia University Teaching Hospital. They expanded their emergency angioplasty unit and have a decent crisis unit. Not sure the numbers of beds in the ER, but they did expand the ER. They were going to build a new hospital but they remodeled current location. Think the hospital has about 300 beds. They have a outside immediate care facility as well.

Heard they were going to do layoffs last year, but they survived kind of like what is going on with Hartford Hospital right now. They use to have a nursing home attached to the hospital, but that sold to a private vendor.

Not sure if that helps.

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Thanks for your update. It just seems like a great location close enough to NYC and I havent really heard bad things about this hospital. Looks like a great place to train in a new specialty.

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