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Staffing agencies

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I moved to a new city and have been looking for work. I had a few interviews and in the meantime signed up with a staffing agency and they found 1 13 week assignment. I did my physical, background check etc for the agency. In the meantime I got a call from the hospital I interviewed for the permanent position and I accepted it. I let the staffing agency know I was going to take the permanent position and they went ballistic. I hadn't even started the assignment yet it wasnt due to start until the next week. The agency basically threatened me and said if I didn't do the 13 week assignment I would be put on a do not use list for their client and that they knew all of the other hospitals in town. Does this make any sense to anyone?

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Once you sign the contract, you work it. At least that is the way the one I work through works. The only time I didn't finish a contract was when I broke a bone in my hand and could not do the work. My physician wrote a note so I could break the contract. So, if you signed the contract with the agency, yes, they are not going to be happy at all.

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Just like any facility, if you fail to fulfill your obligations, whether it be completing an assignment, resigning without notice, calling out more than is allowed, etc. you can be marked as ineligible for rehire. Think about it- you agreed to this assignment and the agency told the facility they had a nurse. Now, just one week before starting, you back out and the agency has to find another nurse who can accept the assignment at the last minute. If they don't have someone who already has completed their application, physical, back ground check, etc. then the agency risks letting down their client because they no longer have the staffing that they promised- and may already have started getting paid for. Do you blame them for being upset?

I don't know specifically whether this would impact your ability to get a job directly with facilities that use the agency services, but if it's a real possibility. If you don't care about burning this bridge (and it will be a burnt bridge), then just take this permanent job and hope it works out. Or, explain to the new job that you already committed to a 13 week assignment, ask to have your start date postponed, and work the contract you agreed to work.


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What you did was essentially give a 1 week notice to an employer. That's just plain unprofessional. While I get that a full time offer of permanent employment is what you were after all along, it still leaves the agency stuck without a nurse they promised a facility. Of course they are upset. This will definitely be a burnt bridge. If it can affect future employment with other facilities depends on how much pull this agency has with them and if they are truly dedicated to making things hard for you in the future. That part we can't answer for you.