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Hi everyone. I have been a nurse a little over a year. My first hospital RN job had me commuting 60 miles one way, 3 times a week because I was determined to get the coveted hospital experience. I loved the hospital, the people, the unit and the hours but the commute was exhausting and the salary was less to be desired. After I hit the one year mark, I began to apply to hospitals closer to home. I was hired as a staff RN at a community hospital (similar to my first hospital) that was 20 minutes away and a significant salary increase.

I work full time nights and my co-workers are pleasant enough. My problem starts once the day shift rolls around. Keep in mind, my first RN job was a day position so I understand the dynamics of the shift. These nurses are the most rude and arrogant women I have dealt with. When giving report, they sigh and roll their eyes at you. They purposely question the most minuet information to try to trip you up. They love to write people up and they flat out gossip about you. I always leave in a bad mood because the last 30 minutes of my shift is just hell. It's been 2 months. The manager says, "Don't take it personally, that's how they are." It's my understanding that this type of attitude is the norm at the hospital. I want to stick it out as I am getting married and buying a house next fall. In addition to the great pay, I do not want to job hop as it will reflect negatively once I begin to look for a mortgage.

Any advice or suggestions on how to deal with this? At least for the next year.

Many years ago, I had to give report every morning to an obnoxious nurse who absolutely would not stop talking when I was giving report. I finally just started giving report and I talked over her, totally ignored her mouth and gave my report while she was still talking. I know she actually only heard 20% of my report. But that was her choice. I did my job. I gave report. She chose not to listen.

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