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Staff educator problem

opensesame opensesame (Member)

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My hospital recently hired a new ICU educator. My understanding is that she has 2-3 years of MICU experience only and no experience in education. She is currently precepting new ICU nurses in my very busy SICU/CVICU.

She is completely clueless on postoperative plans of care. From what I've seen, she asks more questions than the orientees do.

I am concerned because I don't think the new nurses are getting what they need from her and for sure the patients are getting the short end of the stick. Most POD 1 patients get progressed as quickly as able (regardless of the surgery -- that is a broad generalization, but hopefully you will know what I mean) and the patients are not getting extubated, drips are not getting weaned off, lines are getting left in, and patients are not getting up and started on diets.

Any thoughts?

Jolie, BSN

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I can't imagine that this is escaping the notice of the experienced nursing staff, charge nurses, unit manager, physicians, utilization review nurse, etc.

Please make notes of some specific examples of patients' care being delayed (or not progressed in a timely manner) and meet with your manager ASAP.

It sounds like the new educator needs a "crash course" herself, or perhaps this portion of orientation should be taken over by other staff for the time being.

It is not possible to justify extended ICU stays (or the potential complications that go along with longer ICU stays), nor the increased cost of caring for patients in ICU longer than necessary.

ebear, BSN, RN

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This situation will more than likely take care of itself. Just hold on! ;)

PostOpPrincess, BSN, RN

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I suggest a couple of months of doing the CVICU/SICU care. That should catch her up....well, somewhat. Not necessarily....anyway, good luck.