Staff Development duties

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Just curious so asking all the SDCs out the

What are you expected to do? I don't mean the 'normal' things like orientation--I mean:

Do you have to check the CNA registry?



The SDC in my last 3 buildings didn't do these checks but the place I'm at now expects the SDC to do them..



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1. For NA-C registry I have the business office check them prior to having interviews. If they do not then we call to ensure they have an active certification. If they do not we ask if they are looking for a NA-C class

2. Forgive me bit I am not sure what you mean by OIG to me it can mean different things.

3. The staff development nurse I hire always reports to me not the DON. It is my preference as a LNHA and BSN.

4. Duties of System Administrator for all educational needs

5. Acts as Risk Manager when needed (if DON/ADON is gone or if they need extra assistance)

6. Responsible for external communication for Department of Health/Vendors regarding infection control. This includes teaching families/customers, this includes items like working with activity director National hand washing day, or if staff and patients want to participate in a celebration day of breast cancer, Alzheimer's forth. I think it is important to get the SD Nurse to educate not only the staff but again residents and families and the community in which we reside. So they actually work closely with all department managers, I even have them go with the admission coordinator (not all the time but at least once every quarter) as hospital case managers have questions about our facility, and competence of our staff what better way to convey this than our own SD Nurse.

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Thanks. OIG is Office of the Inspector General.