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I was recently hired as a Staff Development Coordinator at a Long Term Care facility. After 4 years on working as a floor nurse and lasting 3 months as a nurse manager (I hated it) I decided to pursue my passion as an Educator. My question is does anyone know of any resources that I can use for lesson plans, guides, competencies? Are there any journals for nurse educators or Long term care that I can subscribe to? Even If I have to purchase these resources. The facility I work at hasn't had an educator for over a year so I'm essentially building the department back up from scratch. So far I'm loving the challenge though. Thank you!


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Here is a place to start:

Use some of these ideas and see if you can get free pamphlets from the government. Sometimes all you need is to pay shipping. Do you have a budget? Get that in place.

Call around to the other LTC to find out if there is a local group. 


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19 hours ago, londonflo said:

Call around to the other LTC to find out if there is a local group. 

Very, very, very good advice ^^^

Two  pieces of advice since you're fairly new - don't try re-inventing the wheel at your place. Take it slow.

And check out where you are in your state survey window. Make sure any past educ issues have been addressed. (Voice of experience speaking.)

Good luck. I loved SD.