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Has anyone taken stable recently. Is there a pre test, and what kind of preparation should I do for the course. Is it difficult. Is the test hard to pass? Any suggestions or info greatly appreciated. I have never taken it before


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We had to take a pretest before our STABLE class, but it seemed to be facility-specific. After reviewing the basic info in the STABLE book, the test wasn't terribly difficult. As far as class prep, reading through the book and paying close attention to the parts you're less familiar with should be plenty.

I didn't find the class to be that difficult. We had great teachers and a sim lab component. I think it was probably one of the best courses I've ever taken in almost 14 years of nursing.


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The pre-test is just to see where your base level of knowledge is on the subject. The class was not really difficult, but it was very informative.

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I just renewed my STABLE card and the class is very straightforward. If they teach with the approved slides it will provide you with everything you need to pass the class. It's a good class that i enjoyed. I liked it a little better than NRP simply due to the lecture component. i like NRPs handson portioN though

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your posts. Wish me luck-- I guess test s still make me nervous , even after 35 yrs in nsg

ty :)