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Hello Future Bobcat Nurse!

I wanted to start a new thread for our new applicant at St. Thomas University Miami new BSN program Fall 2018/ Spring 2019. Let me begin, I applied STU in April 2018 for BSN entry Spring 2019. All my transcripts received this month,now under review for acceptance. Super excited for this new journey..

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Thread moved to Schools/Colleges forum for best response. Good luck!

I was accepted for Fall 2018. I'm so excited!

Hello! I got a phone call last week regarding my acceptance for fall. FYI: They have just posted a news article on their news site regarding their new CCNE renewal accreditation:

St. Thomas University News: STU’s Nursing Program earns accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

Has anyone visited the campus yet? I've yet to visited due to my work schedule. I would like to know more details regarding the cost of the program and financial aide. I've been very curious as to why there aren't any entry exams at the moment for this program.

I got accepted to STU BOBCATS Nursing. I will be starting in the Spring 2019. Who will be starting with me as a BOBCAT Nurse...

Good morning Victoria,

I actually just got admitted for fall yesterday. I had some complications with my provisional acceptance a couple of months ago due to my spring grades not showing up on my electronic transcripts. Will be seeing you next year though!

Did you receive you school schedule yet?

Did you receive you school schedule yet?

I'll be meeting Dr. Valdez for that on Monday.

Mcastillo, Yes I was reading pervious notes. I cant wait to meet you all!!! I will inbox you my info.


I'll be meeting Dr. Valdez for that on Monday.

Hello! Been wanting to confirm if you've gotten your schedule yet? I just got mine last Monday. Don't forget to complete all the requirements on Complio.

Yes I got mine. I did everything except the cpr part because I was told a vendor is coming to the school Aug 12 & 13th for a fee of $25.

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