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1st RN Interview

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Hello everyone,

Just a little background - I will be entering my final semester of the bsn program this fall and I know I should start hunting around for that ever so special 1st rn position. My problem is interviewing. I know everyone gets nervous at interviews, but I really think I have an anxiety problem when it comes to them. I can practice, practice, practice all sorts of different interview questions and research the potential company, as well as exercise to relieve stress and all that other stuff, but as soon as I enter an interview room it's almost as if a switch is flipped. I start panicking and even if I've practiced a question I still freeze during the actual interview if it's asked and either ask to come back to it or just say I don't know. I am currently an lpn but was never offered a position (but had tons of interviews) simply because I can't effectively interview. I think it's part I care too much what the interviewer thinks of me so I want to give the perfect answer, and the fact I absolutely have no experience. I know confidence will come with experience, but how am I ever going to get that first rn job?? And is it okay to tell them upfront I am horrible at interviewing but that I believe if given the opportunity I have a great potential to succeed at a job (which I'm sure I will be fine if just given the chance)?

Thanks so much for any advice!!

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It is perfectly OK to just state "I'm very nervous". However, as a hiring manager, I can assure you that it is the interviewer's responsibility to put the applicant at ease. We train our hiring managers to begin the interview with some minor chit-chat to break the ice and pay attention to the applicant's stress level during the process. If the applicant is uber-nervous, they are encouraged to offer a drink of water or even do the unit tour first instead of after the interview.

Interviewing - just like any other skill - will get better with practice. Maybe you can get a family member or friend to do some mock practice with you. But this is one positive aspect of a protracted Job Search... just consider each interview as a 'dress rehearsal' for the real one that is going to get you that wonderful job you are seeking.