St. Luke's SON Spring 2012 anyone?


Anyone else starting? Two months left until nursing school begins!!


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Congrats on getting into the program! I had my whole plan mapped out... I was going to go to MCC and get my ADN, then move onto a BSN program. Then I got a job as a CNA at North Kansas City Hospital and after talking to the nursing managers, found out if I want a job as a nurse, I'd better go straight for the BSN. So, now I'm back at square one. I did some research, and it looks like St Luke's has the highest NCLEX pass rate in the area for BSN. I think I will go to MCC for my prereqs, then move onto St Luke's. Any tips on getting in? Do they do a point system for admittance? I couldn't find much info on how they rank applicants. Anyway, good luck.... you'll do great!


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I'm not sure what their ranking schedule is but they have a 3.6 GPA average I think. I had a 3.79 GPA and a 4.0 Science GPA but the positive at St. Luke's is that they allow you to replace credits if you've done poorly on a course (I failed a semester when I was a young'n and replaced them all with A's, but KU doesn't even take that into consideration which makes your GPA significantly lower).

CNA experience helps as well, as does volunteer experience. Try to get your references from RN's as well as employers and possibly teachers (that was what I used, all three). Go meet with their admissions counselor, he really helped me a lot and they also have a nursing symposium once a semester for people who are interested where you can get a lot of information.

Good luck! Do well on your sciences and it helps a lot!

I'm starting at SLC in January also! Happy to have gotten all the course sections I wanted when registering for classes this morning.

I just moved here a month ago for school, and I don't know anyone here. Can't wait until classes start!!!


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Which section did you pick? I registered for the plan B and have my clinical day as Friday (which is what I wanted and why I was logged in at 7am this morning). Glad you got your first choices!